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Terms of use

Please read carefully terms and conditions of the use of this web site written below. If you do not agree with terms and conditions of the use of this web site, please leave this web site.
If you do agree with terms and conditions of the use of this web site, you can precede viewing and using this site according to these terms and conditions of use.

This is a contract between:
- Owner and author of this web site (site, page, pages or presentation) and
- You, visitor of this web site
This contract refers to owner and author as “owner” or “author” and to you as “you” or “visitor”.

This contract is considered to be valid irrespective that in moment of approach to the site visitor is unknown to owner. If any time later the identity of visitor is determined and that visitor has violated these terms and conditions, visitor can bear consequences.
If you continue viewing and using this web site, it will be implied that you have read these terms and conditions and that you have agreed to them irrespective of have you explicitly declared that you did and irrespective of have you revealed you identity to the owner.
It is also implied that the visitor has accepted these terms and conditions of the use of this web site in the same moment when he or she has entered this site, irrespective of whether he or she was even aware of its existence or content and irrespective of whether he or she has revealed his or hers identity to owner.
If visitor has no legal liability or has limited liability, same as when visitor is corporate body, for eventual violations of this contract or its abuse, responsibility is on his, hers or its legal proxy or attorney.

1. Term of use

1.1. Visitor agrees that he access this web site on his or hers own responsibility so owner could not be responsible for damage of any kind that can eventually issue from viewing this web site or using information from it, especially owner can not be responsible for damage of any kind produced by abuse of this web site by anyone else or computer’s program like viruses, hackers and etc.

2. Copyright

2.1. Web site design, graphics, texts, photographs and source codes of this web site represent protected name, trade mark or other kind of intellectual property, in ownership of owner of this web site and as that are presented to public.

3. Using of information

3.1. Visitor can download, view, copy or print pages, graphics or photographs from this web site with these conditions:
(1) To use it only for personal use, informative and noncommercial purposes;
(2) Content must not be changed in any way;
(3) With obligation to specify origin of the content.

3.2. Except when it is specifically specified, visitor can not download, send, copy, print, represent, demonstrate, advertise, propagate or distribute information from this web site, any part of its or web site complete without owner’s permission.

3.3. In case that visitor needs owner’s permission, he or she can contact owner over contact information published on this web site.

4. Visitors

4.1. Entering this web site and accepting these terms and conditions of use, visitor agrees that all of comments, information and any other material that visitor upload or send to this web site or its owner, in that moment become property of this web site.

4.2. By uploading or sending his or hers comments, information or any other material on this web site, visitor by his free will give those to owner of this web site without due of any kind and give up right to demand due of any kind as in a moment of sending or uploading any of those as in any moment in future.

4.3. Visitor also agrees that owner can use such information, comment or any other material without any restriction.

4.4. In case of publishing any of these comments, information or other material without owner permission, published content can be obscene or abusive.
Owner will remove such material in shortest possible period of time, but owner can not be responsible for damage of any kind eventually issued by such material.

5. Privacy Statement

5.1. Owner has no obligation to keep visitor’s personal data and pursuant to that owner will not publish any of visitor’s personal data.

5.2. Exclusions from paragraph 5.1. are cases described by paragraphs 4.1. – 4.4., because it is considered that visitor has by his free will published his personal data.

5.3. Owner can not be responsible if anybody by using illegal methods get in possession visitors’ personal data and abuse it and especially can not be responsible for abuse of personal data that visitors themselves have published on web site by their free will.

6. Links

6.1. This web site can contain links to some other web sites that are not in ownership or control of owner of this web site, so owner of this web site can not be responsible for their content or any eventual damage issued by their use.

7. Warranty and information

7.1. Information, software, products and services on this web site can be outdated or can have other error or bugs.

7.2. If it is not especially specified, all of information, software, products and services on this web site can be used as they are and without any warranty.

7.3. Owner of this web site is not, in any case, responsible for eventual, direct, indirect, accidental, special or resulting damage or lost of profit or income that can eventually issue from using this web site or any information from it, irrespective that visitors use it or if he or she forwards it to any other.

7.4. Owner keeps right to change or edit anything on this web site without any warning or announcement.

8. Contract endurance

8.1. By accepting this terms and conditions visitor agrees to value them as long as this web site exists.

8.2. Visitor also agrees to value copyright and intellectual property even after this web site stop existing according to domestic and international law.