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First of all
Branislav Radojcic with dogs (Brita and Atina)

To have a dog is not a right or a privilege. It is an obligation!
That animal depends on you. You are the one who should at least provide the food and place to stay, although he deserves much more. If you want to bring a dog into your life, you should think about the responsibilities he brings.
If you already have a dog and you are reading this just from curiosity or any other reason, at least think whether you do fulfill your responsibilities towards your pet.

Recognize the responsibility

Buying a dog should not be taken for lightly. Having a dog is a long-term emotional and financial responsibility. Before you decide to do something like that, sincerely estimate whether your home is the right place for a dog.

Think about an older dog

Puppies are not for everybody. They need a lot of attention and time which you might not have. Maybe an older dog could better fit into your life.

Prepare yourself

Before the new family member arrives at your home do the necessary preparations. Provide the food, leash, some toys, place for sleeping and other necessary things.

Make a schedule

Determine who will be responsible for feeding, giving water, taking for a walk and what the suitable time for these activities is. You can even write the schedule down and put it somewhere everybody can see and use it as a reminder.

Adjust your home

In the beginning fragile and sensitive object should maybe be replaced on the top of the shelves. Electric cables and plug-ins should be protected from curious paws and nose. Block the parts of house where you would not want your dog to go. Also inform yourself which of the plants from home and garden may be poisonous for your dog.

Protect your dog

Check your fence and secure all of its problematic places. It is very important that you protect your puppy by not letting him go out in the street and preventing other dogs and animals that could harm him to get in.

Let the dog adjust

Give your dog some time to adjust to the new way of life. When he changes the surrounding dog will feel insecure and will be scared. He will miss his mother, brothers and sisters. Show him that he has no reason to be scared. Show him that you are his friend and allow him to search his new home and to adjust.

Teach your dog how to behave

It is very important that you from the beginning teach your dog the right manners. If you allow him to do something today, he will think that it is allowed every day. It is also important that all of your family members stick to the same rules and allow or forbid the dog the same things.

Train your dog

Do not let your dog get lazy. Take him for a walk regularly and play with him. It will be both his playing and training.

Take your dog to the vet

You should schedule regular examinations at vets. Regular examinations are very important. Do not wait the last moment to go to the vet's.

Be a friend

At the end, but not the least important, be a friend with your dog and do not be shy to show him your love.