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The Husky story

Koryak tribe

The Siberian huskies are considered to be the oldest breed of dogs in the world. It is widely thought that it originates from the east-Siberian tribe Chukchi, although there is some evidence that tribes Kamchadal and Koryak from Kamchatka had this breed of dogs.
DNA analyses confirm that the Siberian huskies belong to one of the 14 ancient breeds of dogs.

The first huskies came to Alaska during the Gold rush in 1908. Being small, faster and more endurable than other types of dogs, the huskies rapidly started to dominate as working (for pulling sledges) dog and they were being imported more and more.

When the dog races started to be practiced more the Norwegian Leonhard Seppala after he was asked by his employer started to train a group of female dogs and puppies for the 'All-Alaska Sweepstakes' race in 1914. After the bad start in 1914, already in the next year Seppala starts to dominate on the tracks.

Statue of Balto in Central Park (New York City)

In 1925 in the town Nome started an epidemic of diphtheria and the cure was 1085 km away. In that 20-stage-race for cure, in which 20 teams with about 150 dogs took part, two dogs Togo and Balto became famous.

Leonhard Seppala with his dogs led by Togo traveled the longest distance (146 km).

Gunnar Kaasen with his team of dogs led by Balto did much more than it was expected from him (he traveled 85 km).

Thanks to Balto, whose monument still stands in New York (in Central park), the inhabitants of this small town in Alaska were saved.

The next year dogs' races became very popular, especially on the territory of New England.

UConn Huskies

Northeastern Huskies

Today 2 university sport teams have the name of this breed of dogs: UConn Huskies (team from the University of Connecticut) and Northeastern Huskies (team from the North-eastern University).

In 1930 the breed of Siberian husky was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club.

The Canadian Kennel Club recognized it in 1939.

The expansion of the Siberian husky started when some famous people were seen to walk the Siberian huskies (Marlon Brando, Stephen Dion...).

Today the Siberian husky is widely spread as a pet especially because of his good nature towards children.

Movie: "Eight Below"

Cartoon: "Balto"

Many movies, cartoons, comics, books and even video games have huskies as main protagonists.
(For example: "Balto", "Balto 2: Wolf Quest", "Balto 3: Wings of Change", "Transformers", "Teenage Mutants Ninja Turtles II: The Secret Of The Ooze", "Poke'mon", "North of the Yukon", "Road Rovers", "Snow Dogs", "Due South", "Eight Below", "Krypto the Superdog", "Samurai Shodown", "Charmed: Look Who's Barking", "The Simpsons Movie", "The Sixth Sense", "Dead to Rights", "Old Yeller", "Iron Will", "Nickelodeon: 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd", "The Lost Boys", "Nikki, Wild Dog Of The North",...)