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"I've growing up listening the stories about great people, their adventures and achievements. People whom I admired and who made a very strong impression on me. Still, far greater impression and much bigger admiration in me were awakening by the dogs from those stories.
Years had passed by before I finally could have those dogs that pull sledges and save lives. It is interesting that I didn't really fall in love with the Siberian Huskies, not till I bought them and got to know them.
The Siberian Husky is a dog of beauty of unaffected nature in whose eyes the peace and wildness of vast spaces of forests and prairie is seen. Beauty of the times of enthusiasts and adventurers, times almost inconceivable to today's modern society, times about which we read and watch movies and which we remembering with sadness.
This is the breed of light-hearted and free, but still devoted and loyal dogs. The dogs that will clearly and openly show you their emotions which you will always know that are sincere. The dogs that will respect you and gain your respect. The dogs that will not be just a pets for you, but real friends. The dogs that will always have a special place in my heart.

Gordan Radojčić